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Tall People – Chair equality?

Ergonomics, General information August 10th 2017
Tall People - Chair equality?

However, when you think about your daily movement, it becomes easier to believe. With such a variety of chairs at play in our lives, it is vital that the one we spend the most time in is both comfortable and supportive of our body frame.

If you are tall, work in an office and sit at a computer for the entirety of each working day, the importance of a fully-functioning, adjustable chair cannot be overstated.

Chair equality is a good starting point:

In some offices, people of greater seniority are seated at more impressive looking chairs than the majority of the floor staff.

People in positions of power or greater seniority can expect to have a number of job perks in their contract, but one of them should not be a better chair in which to work on than everybody else in the company.

When people are glued to their seats from 9am until 5pm, there is simply no room for negotiation – we strongly believe they should all be provided with the best and most supportive office chair that money can buy.

Generally, more and more companies are realising that a happy staff often equates to better productivity and, as such, a more successful business model.

Scrimping on office or computer chairs – or creating an unofficial hierarchy which is illustrated by seats – is a complete no-no.

Recognising the seated needs of your taller employees:

Tall people, in particular, have very specific needs in a seat. By the very nature of their body shape, their spine needs greater support than people of a smaller stature.

Unfortunately, there is a willingness among some companies to watch on as employees work all day in damaged or not-fit-for-purpose chairs.

With proper investment, companies will easily furnish their premises with office chairs for tall people. This refers to chairs that are flexible towards the physical needs of people who are taller than six foot and have very particular posture-support needs.

Conference chairs, for example, certainly have their place in a board room but under no circumstances should a computer operator be expected to sit in one all day.

Quality operator chairs, which can be adjusted for height and back support, should be in place for all office staff. It's the very least they deserve. The XL6 is a perfect example of a chair that we recommend and it's available for free next day delivery to mainland UK.

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