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Go With the Flo…

November 14th 2011

There is never any call for traditional style office furniture any more. I am not saying that there is no longer a demand for it; I'm just saying that if you look in commercial offices these days, you are likely to find more modern office desking and more contemporary operator chairs or executive furniture.

This is even the case in boardrooms, even though the idea of a boardroom is an old one, the boardroom tables that are around today tend to be modern and sleek. It is not the look and feel of the furniture that has changed, but our shift towards ergonomic chairs and desks due to the increase rate of work related injuries. With this in mind, let me introduce a product that is both modern and ergonomic as well as being needed in the office. The product I am talking about is Flo. Computer arms are often overlooked as all monitors are provided with a stand; however these stands are by no means ergonomic. The problem is that the monitor cannot be set at the right height for the user and are not height adjustable, so cannot be set for users at different heights.

This is why monitor arms are so important, as they can be set at different heights and tilts depending on the user, which over time can prevent such problems as straining of the neck. The Flo computer arm is unique in this way as not only can it provide an ergonomic solution for monitors, but it has the unrivalled capability to provide an ergonomic solution for tablet and touch screen technology. Unlike other monitor arms, the Flo is easy to adjust using it's unique Geometric Spring System (GSS). Another feature that is exclusive to the Flo is the installation performance meter. This handy little gauge records the weight setting after adjustment so that the exact weight tension can be replicated on all of the other arms for a quicker, better and more effective installation. Below are some images of the Flo monitor arm:

Go With the Flo... image 1

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