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Healthy office sitting

May 25th 2009

It may not be the best time for your organisation to invest in new office chairs so here are a few tips to improve your sitting posture. Sit as upright as possible within 20 to 30 degrees of the vertical plane Always try and sit with your back against the back of the chair and avoid slouching Make sure that the centre of the VUD screen is level with your eyes. If you Company won’t invest in computer arms then use books to raise the screen. Looking up or down on the screen will increases strain on the neck muscles Use a larger keyboard to prevent strain to the wrist and try to avoid using a laptop keyboard for the same reason. Get out of your office chair several times a day to stretch your muscles. Ensure your office desk is around elbow height. Make sure your office chair is set so the both feet are flat on floor. Finally if you have a tight budget then visit our clearance line for the latest bargains in office chairs .

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