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Home Offices Shift in Design

November 7th 2011

Home offices are being increasingly used as a place of work instead of going into an office, however nowadays it seems that there is a shift in the way these home offices are designed. Instead of worrying about whether the desk is going to match the rest of the furniture, we are more concerned with the cable management and whether we use a laptop or desktop PC.

The reason for this is simply the increase in technology we now use in our day to day lives. Instead of designers thinking about the look of the desk, they tend to think about whether space is needed for a printer and where to drill the holes for the cable ports. Even more interesting is that more and more people are trying to fit home office furniture in places that are not primarily used as an office. For example, in kitchens, lounges and spare bedrooms are some places that you might now expect to find office furniture. This means that the requirements for the desks are to be smaller than usual, with places to store papers and files. Practicality is the most important issue now; it used to be that you would buy a high quality wooden desk, high back leather executive chair and a pedestal or small cupboard to keep files.

That used to be when the more wealthy people would have an office in their home, however now it is safe to say that there is probably a computer in nearly every house in the country and with prices for all in one home office desks the lowest it's ever been, it is no wonder that everyone seems to want an office. Having said all of this, it is unfair to suggest that people don't care what the furniture looks like, as there are people that do care about their workstations aesthetics, it just seems that it's not as high as it used to be.

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