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Hot Desking and Hoteling

November 30th 2008

The two terms have been around the office furniture marketplace for a while and refer to desks or workstations that are set aside for workers who are not office based but need a facility to use a desk when they are in the office. Sales people are good examples of workers who may not need a permanent desk if they spend much of their time in the field. Hot desks can take the form of a mobile meeting tables or simple "touch down" areas with quick and easy access to power and data provided by Harmony cable management units. Mobile storage units can also be used and a convenient way of storing files and a simple surface to work on when in the office. Much depends on the amount of time spent in the office and the type of work and of course the available space. Good design in this case can not only help save space but improve staff efficiency and communication. There is a lot of office furniture available which comes under the banner of hot desking but these items seldom work without an overall appreciation of the office design and practices

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