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Hot desking is over – here’s how to cope

July 22nd 2020
Hot desking is over - here's how to cope
In the immediate aftermath of the post Covid 19 workplace, common office practices such as hot desking and shared spaces are going to be over. Everyone is hopeful they'll return, but if you've limited your number of office desks so people can share, how do you cope in the short term post Covid 19, where you'll still need your office running well, but you have to be strict with the space.
Which Desks? - By using bench desks you can create a 'bank' of office desks that could run along walls which was traditionally shyed away from in space planning terms but, we now need to get away from busy traffic lanes in an office. They're relatively cost effective and can accommodate a lot of workers even with the strict post Covid 19 social distancing guidelines. Just make sure you have enough to allow sufficient distance between workers. Height Adjustable or sit stand desks can't be ruled out either. We have seen an increased demand for sit-stand desks in the past few months as people have adapted to working from home and businesses prepare to return to the office.
Add Screens To Desks -If changing your desk set up is impossible, you can still ensure worker safety by introducing screens or header screens across desks. These antibacterial screens will provide an effective block to help prevent the spread of disease between co-workers. Additionally, header screens have a clear top section so workers can still communicate without having to look over the top, rendering them ineffective.
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Manage Occupancy Levels - If you can stagger your workload and your staffing numbers, always do so. Even then hot desking still isn't advised, but it helps to maintain productivity within the office. Running offices in two shifts to reduce the amount of people in the space at one time and freeing up desks is one of a number of options for office managers to adopt.
Think About Materials - If you're in the market for new office furniture, think about the materials of the furniture you're going to buy. The post Covid 19 office will require extra thorough cleaning for a long time, so think about worker hygiene. Chair surfaces such as plastic, wood and metal are far easier to wipe down for example than cotton upholstery. This is a small but important detail that a lot of people could potentially overlook.
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The post Covid 19 office will require changes, but with a little forward planning you can still effectively run your office. We're here to help with all of your office furniture and space planning needs.

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