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Hot Topic: Space Planning

November 18th 2011

It is now surprise that this year the word on the street (the office furniture street) is space planning. Well maybe not just the office furniture world, but a lot of companies are looking in depth into space planning according to an Ethosource press release. The reason is obvious, that in this financial climate it's time to start saving money and make the most of the space that they have. It used to be that office space was driven by authority, with the higher powers having more space, the biggest executive desk and black leather chair, with executive storage to match, but now it's all set to change with efficiency being the keyword, not authority.

Another reason for this change is that more and more people are finding that working from home in their home office is more beneficial, than working at a workstation in the office. They can save money on travel and can have the comfort of their own home. It is for this reason that careful planning must take place as the workstations that these "home-workers" may have had originally cannot just be taken away, as they may still need to return to the office from time to time. Collaborating is essential to the modern office with more and more people not just needing to talk to each other, but to share screens and in some cases even desks from time to time. Modern office furniture has to change with this.

More and more people are making use of bench systems, open plan offices and call centre configurations in their work place because they promote this. It is for the reasons labelled above, that office design has become essential and more popular in the recent years. In order to maximise the space available office furniture dealers are required, more than ever, to create design plans that accommodate these needs. Office Reality and Online Reality are able to provide all of these services for free, so if you are looking to maximise space in your office and replace your large desks with aesthetically pleasing bench systems, then look no further.

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