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How the future of work will affect office design

What does the future of work look like? It’s a question that affects all aspects of modern office culture, including office design, where the focus is shifting away from technology towards the user experience. That means a growing emphasis on natural light and materials, reflecting the modern interest in health and wellbeing in the office. 

The latest trends in office design combine intelligent design and recycled materials to unite technology, modularity and homeyness around a rich palette that draws its inspiration from nature in rich blues and greens.

Low tech design - This low tech approach is reflected in modern design approaches that bring together quality, natural materials and strong graphic designs to reflect the future office. The emphasis is can be placed on wellbeing in the workplace as a way to foster creativity and productivity.

This focus on a natural and holistic working environment chimes strongly with new approaches to employee wellbeing and the greening of our workspaces, where employees can come together for teamwork or focus on individual tasks depending on their workflow.

Closer to nature - For some time, office design has focused on the move towards natural materials and well thought-through design that privileges the human, rather than the machine. Bold Swedish and Japanese influences will come to dominate clean and minimalist office furniture. Wood, stone, leather and wool deliver a neutral, natural palette and a range of textures that deliver striking aesthetics and a gorgeous tactile experience.

Reflect the biophilic trend with a living nature moss wall and a carefully curated collection of wellbeing green plants.

Digital meets analogue - The office of the future will continue to combine digital and analogue experiences, blending the dynamism of technological innovation with the best of graphic design, pattern and colour.

As flexible and remote working increasingly blurs the boundaries between work and home life, the office remains an effective hub for social interaction and getting things done. The use of sharp graphic patterns emphasises the dynamism of the new office and brings architectural clarity to any space. The use of striking acoustic pods allows space to be demarcated in a graphic, visually exciting way.

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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