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5 Office Products to Promote Wellbeing

As we return to the workplace it's fair to say that employees (and you) will spend a good amount of time in the office again, so it’s important that they all feel happy while they're working. After all, the happier your employees are, the more productive they’re going to be. Mental health is hugely important, and as people are becoming more aware of their own mental health needs, you need to make sure you’re providing an office space that promotes their wellbeing. We feel that meditation in the workplace will become commonplace, in the coming months, and that spaces will be shaped and utilised very differently!

In this blog we take a look at 5 types of office products that will almost certainly promote wellbeing within the workplace 

So, what are the 5 office products?

1. Plants

Plants are a really easy way to inject life into your office. Research shows that having plants in the office and at home reduces stress and improves attitudes, thus increasing productivity. Plus, it makes your office look nice. That’s what we call a win-win in office terms.

5 Office Products Plants


2. Break out seating/soft seating

It’s important to have some break out space in your office – somewhere employees can relax and take a bit of time out away from their desk, without having to get away from the office. Breakout seating is a good choice to create a brealout space or chill zone. 

Breakout Seating

3. Height-adjustable desks

Sitting down for long periods of time can cause a variety of different problems such as back pain or even obesity (from lack of movement). Height-adjustable desks are the perfect solution: they promote mov​ement, improve blood circulation and increases concentration. A lot of offices often buy a couple of height-adjustable desks to see how people like them first, and if they’ll use them, before kitting out their whole office.

HA Desks


4. Anti-fatigue mats

In addition to height-adjustable desks, there are also anti-fatigue mats to go with them. Even though research has shown that changing position between standing up and sitting down promotes movement and productivity, standing up on hard surfaces for long times can be uncomfortable and cause fatigue. These mats are great because they make the muscles gently contract and expand, thus increasing blood flow and reducing strain.



5. Office games

Treat your office to a table football or ping pong table: it’s a great way to draw new people in by giving your office personality, it boosts staff morale, and it gets team members socialising together. It’s the most fun way to promote wellbeing in your office!



That’s not all, we’ve got a great collection of office products to promote wellbeing. We believe that a happy office is a productive office, and who can say no to that?





Posted by: Ben Hartley

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