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Returning to the office safely

General information June 10th 2020
Returning to the office safely
As lockdown restrictions gradually ease around the UK, businesses are beginning to prepare to welcome their employees back into the workplace. As the pandemic is not yet over, many employees may be feeling anxious and worried about returning back to their office. Below we outline 4 top tips to help your employees feel comfortable and safe when returning to work.
1. Communicate clearly - It is essential you avoid misinformation spreading around your business at all costs. To ensure your employees have complete clarity regarding their return to work, you should create a detailed report that explains the virus mitigation measures you have put in place. For example, your report could explain that you have introduced a privacy pod into your collaborative workspace to increase the independent working areas in your office.
2. Reach out to employees - Offer each of your employees a personal one-to-one video call. This will give your employees the chance to raise any concerns they may have. It is important you give your employees the chance to raise any concerns they have prior to returning to work, to ensure you have time to make any necessary changes to your virus mitigation system. For example, after speaking to your employees you may find that they will feel more comfortable returning to work desk mounted protection screens are installed.
3. Prove you have thought about the long-term - It is unknown when the virus will be completely defeated in the UK. For this reason, you must prove to your employees that you are making long-term investments and taking every precaution possible to ensure once your business re-opens, any virus mitigation systems in place will be sustainable. You may wish, for example, to invest in anti-bacterial task chairs and anti-bacterial furniture or have more sinks installed around your office.
4. Make your priorities clear - Above all, you must explain to your employees that your number one priority is employee and customer safety. This will ensure an employee feels valued by your company and safe to return to work, as they will feel confident that their health and wellbeing is valued.
If you'd like more help visualising your pre Covid - 19 office or guidance about creating a safe environment for your employees during the pandemic, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to help businesses around the UK create safe and productive environments for their employees and create effective virus mitigation systems.

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