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How to organise your office for maximum productivity

How to organise your office for maximum productivity

Your working space is where you spend the majority of your day, yet so many people neglect their office space and can often become very demotivated as a result. Regardless of the amount of space at your disposal, there are plenty of ways that you can organise your office space to boost your performance, maximize productivity and introduce a sense of wellbeing.

Indoor plants - The benefits of indoor plants are outstanding, and quite often, underappreciated. Whilst a house plant looks great, there are many unique advantages to choosing to have an indoor plant at your workspace. Plants teach us many skills, from time management to attention to detail, and having a plant to care for daily will enhance these skills subconsciously. Additionally, indoor plants pose many benefits for an office environment. Indoor plants help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, airborne dust levels, and certain pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide; these advantages occurring naturally within the plants and require literally no conscious thought. Additionally, indoor plants can aide in keeping air temperatures down, meaning that it helps maintain a cool office environment without the necessity of running air conditioning constantly. Check out our range of office plants here.


Cleanliness - Your office desk is where you spend the vast majority of your day-to-day life, yet so many people ignore general hygiene and cleanliness, allowing a mess to build up. Mess has been proven to have negative effects on productivity, as it can often cause you to fall into an unmotivated slump. A clean space is more likely to spark joy within you, as a clean environment is proven to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving. By taking ten minutes out of your day to maintain a clean working space, you can more than make up for this in productivity.

Personal touches - Adding personal touches to your office space can really make a difference to your motivation levels, as making it a space you feel comfortable and safe in encourages productivity and boosts performance. From family photos to a small trinket dish, having little mementoes of your life outside of work help remind you of all the other things that matter, and these are often your biggest reasons for working. For example, having a family photo taken on holiday at your desk is likely to motivate you to work hard in order to go on another holiday with your loved ones.

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