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How to use the sneeze screen in the office – Covid-19

General information July 8th 2020
How to use the sneeze screen in the office - Covid-19

Screens have been used in offices for many years. They help to form designated working zones, a private working space, and when coloured or patterned screens are used they can help to inject personality into an open-plan office. However, we are now living in a global pandemic and screens have taken on an even more important role in terms of keeping employees safe. Below we explore how to use the sneeze screen in the time of Covid-19.

Glazed desk screen - The desk screen is already a popular part of the office furniture. It helps to create a defined workspace on a large communal desk while also ensuring some privacy. The glazed desk screen takes this one step further. The glazed glass adds a further layer of protection as it features an antibacterial surface that can be easily cleaned. The screen can be fitted to the desk with the use of brackets and if you want a communal desk that encourages discussion and communication, the clear glass ensures that this can happen.
Floor standing screen - If you want to create working bubbles in your office space then using floor standing screens can help you with this task. They can be made from clear or frosted safety glass. These screens won't block any natural light from flooding the working space, or obscure views from the rest of the office, but they will help to define a safe space for colleagues to work together in a socially distanced way.
The reception - It is now vital that every reception area has sneeze screens in place to protect employees and the general public. These screens come in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to place them exactly where they are needed.
The mobile screen - The mobile Plexiglas screen is a welcome addition to any office space, especially when you need to adapt the workspace for different groups of people and work tasks. The screen is lightweight and features wheels, making it very easy to move around the office. It could also be used to form a temporary office in an open-plan area.
Here at Office Reality, we have a range of desk, standing and mobile glazed screens for the office. To learn more about our range of protective screens and for any help in designing your office space in this post-Covid-19 world, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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