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Imagine an Office with No Chairs

April 24th 2014

Is the art of sitting down in the office now on its knees? Recent medical studies have shown that sitting down at work for a prolonged amount of time is damaging to our health by increasing the chances of cardiovascular problems or becoming more vulnerable to diabetes. Anyone that sits at work (myself included) shouldn’t hit the panic button quite yet as extensive research is still being carried out, but it is definitely something employees and employers may have to start thinking about.

This would mean a complete revamp of offices and workplaces around the country, costing companies thousands. This new evidence will have employers delving into the trees that, obviously, grow unlimited amounts of cash. With health risks now being linked with sitting down at work, changes must be afoot. Money will be an issue though surely, considering the average cost of an adjustable desk is £250.

Our most expensive adjustable desk is the Mobus Electronic Adjustable Twin Desk which comes in at a mere £2,299.95.

Here’s what one company who made the changes had to say:

"We converted the office about eight or nine months ago. We removed the standard desks and put in 12 high tables. We're in a serviced office and asked them to remove the old desks. The new desks are at chest level and cost us £350 each.

"We do 150-200 calls a day per person. We've built an environment using music in the background to get people up and running (psyched up). We decided that if we are standing, we'd be able to project our voices better. And so we decided it would be better to have these high tables. We started without any chairs but have now added high chairs as people may not want to stand all day. The high chairs cost £70 each. We probably stand 40% of the time, sit 30% and walk around the office 30% of the time. No-one has said they want to go back to the old desks since we converted the office."

Heels at work are a thing of the past

Its crazy really when you think about it but I don’t think companies will have to worry too much as I can’t see the government making any new laws to enforce standing at work in the near or distant future, do you? If they did, then it wouldn’t just affect office working environments but it would also have an impact on schools around the country. Imagine the pandemonium if that was to happen.

My outlook on the subject is that as soon as companies make wholesale changes to the workplace to benefit employees’ health, another set of research will be carried out to evidence that standing all day in the office is bad for your health. A subject like this will make people panic and make employers think about the office layout but in the grand scheme of things I can’t see this having a big impact on the future of the office environment. I sit all day at work and I’m yet to have any problems (touch wood). To be honest, I prefer to sit at work and I’m sure many of you feel the same. Maybe for a day or two I would enjoy it but I’m sure the novelty will wear off after a few days. If I was on my feet all-day I would do a lot less work and I’d probably find myself breaking out into dance or exercise. Thinking about it… I have just excited myself, so you guys enjoy the rest of your day and I’m heading to the boss’ office to ask for an adjustable desk!

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