Increase in Second Hand Furniture Sales

Doom and gloom seems to be on the menu for most businesses at the moment as even though we are out of the recession, companies are still going into liquidation. Huge household names such as Woolworths, Habitat, etc... have closed down and gone into administration. When you think about this, most people will only see the retail shops close down, however behind every big business there are head offices and offices that also close. You may be wondering then, what happens to all the office furniture when the company shuts down.

The answer is that it all gets cleared by companies such as ORS and they keep anything that they can re-use or sell. ORS are one of the largest removal and second hand office furniture companies in the UK and they are currently over run with second hand furniture collected from companies that have gone bust. To give an example, Barclays recently closed one of their branches in Coventry. The result of this is that ORS removed 450 office desks from the building before even starting on the other office products and office furniture.

To cope with this, ORS have been forced to open another warehouse in the West Midlands, that adds to their already 3 full warehouses. ORS used to only sell about 155 second hand furniture, however now they sell approximately 85% since the recession hit. People just don't have the money to buy new anymore. You can pick up a nearly-new desk that would have sold new for £2,200 for jus t£800. The stuff coming in has barely been used - it's so different from the old tatty furniture full of cobwebs that we once saw." claims sales manager Adrian Kowalski. Adrian admits that this trend will not last forever as he feels that people will switch back to buying new furniture again.

Posted by: Office Reality

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