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Invincible Metal Office Furniture

December 8th 2008

IMFS Invincible Metal Office Furniture Solutions Invincible are US based office furniture manufacturer with a proud tradition that dates back to 1904 when te company was founded by John Schuette in Winconsin. At first the Company produces security equipment for banks and in 1913 began with filing cabinets, bookcases and lockers. World War 1 brought a contract to supply lockers for the US battleships Then followed the Great Depression and Invincble devoted all its production to office furniture at this time focusing mainly on filing cabinets. The first desks were produced after World War 2, most notable the Modernaire double pedestal desk which is still in production today. In the 60’s Invincible moved into system office furniture. The 70’s saw the production of office cubicles. Invincible’s panels were more robust than most with a greater capacity for load bearing shelves and overhead storage cabinets. In the 1190’s the Company produced its comprehensive range of system office furniture called Vista 2000.In the last few years the Company has encountered trading difficulties however local businessman Steve Schenian has invested 2.10 million dollars in the Company which is hoped will reverse their misfortunes

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