Is the Recession Spelling the End for Flexible Working?

The recession has not only crippled very well established companies but also has struck fear into the hearts of the consumers. There is also something else that has arguably been affected by the recession and that is flexible working. It seems that in the past few years a study shows that 41% of office workers feel that they are under pressure to be at their office desks in the office due to the worry that if they don't, they might lose their jobs.

Also figures show that 27% of office professionals believe that the time that they spend working in their office chairs and at their office desks within the office has a direct correlation with their performance. Within the business sector, there are two schools of thought on the idea of flexible working. The first is from emerging and developing companies and that is that it is a good idea to incorporate flexible working and utilising home offices to save on space and ultimately money. The other view comes from the more established businesses. These companies have been around for a long time and seem to want to stick to the conventional way of working in the office.

The reason being that working from home is a massive change in culture and not only this but there is a trust issue involved. The managers tend to feel that by not seeing their employees at their office desks or workstations, they have no control over what they ore doing, which in a way you can appreciate. So is this recession having a large impact on flexible working? The answer is if you are working in a large corporate company, yes. The companies want to stick to the conventional ways of working. If you are working in a developing company then no, it is cheaper for people to work at home and the price of renting office space at the moment is high.

Posted by: Office Reality

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