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Is your reception desk COVID- 19 secure?

As we reopen our office spaces, we face new challenges daily. However, one of the most significant tasks businesses face is managing visitors to the building and the reception areas that welcome them. As guests come from outside the office 'bubble', it's crucial to manage the risk of them entering the building with care.

We're going to explore several ways you can make your reception desks COVID-secure so that you can welcome guests to your company with peace of mind.

Install sneeze screens - Prevent the speed of the virus by installing sneeze screens at your reception desk. As COVID-19 primarily spreads through exhaled cough droplets, it's essential to use physical barriers where social distancing isn't possible. Your front desk is one such place, and as a piece of PPE that's easy to clean, they're fantastic for maintaining office hygiene.

Plus, installing protective screens at the entrance to your building displays a visible sign that you care about the health and safety of your employees and guests during this pandemic.

Offer PPE for visitors - Provide your visitors with a disposable mask as they enter the building. As both asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infection of COVID-19 is possible, minimise the risk to your employees from the start. Additionally, you can install a hand sanitiser dispenser at your reception door to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Wipe down seating areas - Just as cafes and restaurants wipe down seating areas after use to prevent any cross-contamination between visitors, the same should be true of reception areas. Ensure you use an anti-bacterial spray on any surface your guest comes into contact with before and after their stay through reception. If your seating area uses fabric furnishings, consider using anti-bacterial seating instead to help reduce the risk.

Communicate your procedures - Ensure your employees and visitors all know how to keep themselves safe by communicating your procedures to them. Email guests ahead of time recommending they bring masks and hand sanitiser, so they know what to expect. Additionally, you can invest in notice boards for your building's lobby area, so every person entering the building knows the current protocols as they pass through reception.

If you're looking to make your reception area and office space secure against coronavirus, then Office Reality can help. We provide a range of PPE, anti-bacterial office furniture, and protective screens to help keep your employees safe. For more information and to learn about our services, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Posted by: Angela Mee

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