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Jelly Fish Lap Top Stands

October 9th 2009

Lap Tops are great you can take them with you wherever you go and in any room of the house. There are however some fundamental differences ergonomically when it comes to working at the lap top. Compared to the standard more commonly used monitors which are up on their own stands the lap top screen is often at a lower lever to the users eye path. This irregularity can cause the user to slouch as they look down on to the lap top screen which they are using. Jelly Fish Lap Top Stands image 1

This is where the Jelly Fish Lap Top Stand comes in to play as it can be used to prop up the lap top in three different heights and positions so the screen is at eye level to the user making it more user friendly - this can be achieved by plugging another keyboard in to lap top which can be used on the desk top. The Jelly Fish is available in plastic in Red, Yellow, Black or White and at £49.00 takes the sting out of any ergonomic solution.

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