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Josef Hoffman (1870-1956)

September 20th 2008

Josef Hoffman (1870-1956) Jospeh Hoffan an Austrian Architect founded firstly the Vienna Succession where he worked alongside and was influenced by Otto Wagner a renowned architect and later the Wiener Werkstatter or Vienna Workshops. Funded by industrialist Fritz Warndorfer many important artists and designers joined the workshops and many fine pieces were designed in ceramics, furniture and jewellery such so that their motto was ‘better to produce one item in 10 days than 10 items in one day’. Working in close collaborations the workshops developed their own style and set the foundation for the new modernist movement. Hoffman cubic and geometric style gave rise to the Hoffman Cubis arm chair and sofas which can be hound in office reception areas, boardroom and executive offices Hoffman went on to design the Sanitorium in Purkersdorf a building which was later to inspire Le Corbusier and the Palais Stoclet in Brussels Please contact us for further information on Hoffman sofas Josh office furniture sales

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