Keeping Your Office Clean

The chances are that, without seeming to be rude, your office desk is not as clean as it should be. So the question remains why keep your home clean to avoid catching germs when you might get them at work anyway? The answer is to make sure that you keep your office and office furniture as clean as possible to avoid the spread of infection. The first tip is quite an obvious one and that is to make sure that you have cleaned and disinfected your work space.

Viruses are constantly being reproduced especially on surfaces such as office desks and office floors. It is important that you give these areas a proper clean and not only this but you make sure areas such as door handles and door knobs keyboards and anything else that hands come into contact with on a regular basis are cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution. Alcohol based sanitizers are perfect for cleaning hands as alcohol is a drying agent and kills all viruses and bacteria immediately. It is important to note that alcohol is liable to dry your skin so always choose a branded alcohol-based fragrance-free hand sanitizer, which also includes moisturiser in its ingredients.

Make sure that you thoroughly scrub your hands. By scrubbing them for 10-30 seconds it helps to disinfect your hands. Also try and avoid touching dirty objects as much as possible, for example workstations, desktops, keyboards, office screens etc... as you tend to deposit a lot of dirt inside your nails and not forgetting your eyes cheek and mouth. The break out area and office kitchen is a fantastic place for harbouring bacteria. The best practice is to make sure you use your own coffee/tea mug and wash them at least twice a day. Also make sure your food is kept in a clean safe area.

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