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Kim Kardashian and the benefits of the treadmill desk

General March 16th 2018
Kim Kardashian and the benefits of the treadmill desk

When Kim Kardashian snapped her first experience of the treadmill desk, during one of her regular visits to her celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, her excitement at the wonders of walking while you work was tantamount to the revolutionary way these treadmills are changing how people are working.

While her reaction may have been typically dramatic: "That's so insane," Kim K said, while panning her camera around the treadmill desk manned by a Gunnar Peterson employee, there is no exaggeration to the way that treadmill desks have been transforming workplaces. Employees now saunter on for miles, simultaneously going through the normal rigours of office life, responding to emails while all the time burning calories; treadmill desks are now being praised as a fantastic way to mitigate the fact that a desk job has you sitting down all day.

It isn't exactly a surprise that Kardashian hasn't seen one of these desks before, as the mega-rich star doesn't typically spend time in an office making PowerPoints and checking emails. But her pleasant shock at the wonders of this invention shows that she completely gets it: "Look how amazing Gunnar [Peterson] is to his team," she said.

The treadmill desk does carry some huge benefits, with recent studies showing that you will burn three times more calories even just walking at a slow pace than if you are sitting or standing. Kim's excitement certainly seems warranted; medical professionals say that just one hour of exercise a week can halve the risk of dementia, and regular walking can lower your blood pressure by up to 11 points as well as potentially lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%.

These treadmill desks start from around £1,400.00, with more advanced editions usually priced between £2,000-£3,000, and have been sold in their droves across the pond, in the US, and hundreds have already been installed in offices and homes across the UK.

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