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Kimball office furniture

October 22nd 2008

Kimball Office Furniture Another American office furniture manufacturer Kimball was originally known as the Jasper group named after the town where it was founded by Arnold F Habig in 1950 Originally a small contract furniture Company with around 30 employees The Jasper group won a number of large contracts for the manufacture of television cabinets, an expanding market in the US. In 1959 The Jasper Corporation acquired Kimball Piano. Kimball Piano had one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world and a long history in the manufacture of Pianos. Although at the time of this acquisition Kimball had slipped from the top to seventh position for Piano makers it took a further 10 years for it to reach number one again. In 1970 the Kimball Group began the manufacture of office furniture and very quickly earned a reputation for high quality and quick shipping. In the 80’s Kimball created National Office Furniture a division which provided affordable office furniture to small and medium businesses on a rapid delivery programme. Kimball Office furniture brands include Hum system furniture, Skye designer office chairs and Acapella wooden conference chairs. Kimball and National office furniture are recognized as leaders in the office furniture market in the US

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