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Le Corbusier

June 3rd 2008

Le Corbusier Born as Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris on October 6th 1187 in Switzerland. Le Corbusier became a pioneer the in high end design for many crowded metropolitan cities at the turn of the century. His work eventually took him to Berlin were he met Ludwig Mies van der Roche and other esteemed designers. He adopted the pseudonym Le Cobusier in 1920 whilst working in Paris, it is thought to mean "the crow like one" After working on houses for Renault and many wealthy private clients he eventually became a French citizen in 1930. Le Corbusier worked on grand schemes for Metropolitan cities inspired by the French slums he produced the famous Unite d’Habitation in Marseilles as well as Chandigarh the capital city of the Punjab in India Le Corbusier’s furniture designs began in 1928 one of the most famous is the chrome tubed sofas which are often used as reception seating in offices Within our reception and break out seating areas we offer a faithful reproduction in black and white leather while office furniture continues to change this design classic truly stands the test of time. Le Corbusier died whilst swimming of a heart attack in 1965 A full range of reception seating, tub chairs and office sofas can be found at our reception seating section most are available in a comprehensive selection of fabrics, faux and genuine leathers. We also provide a full interiors design service for reception and other office areas, please contact us for further information

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