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Little changes that can bring huge benefits for wellbeing

General information June 4th 2020
Little changes that can bring huge benefits for wellbeing
As offices around the country cautiously begin to reopen, companies face a difficult balance of making sure that staff are as happy and comfortable as possible – whilst gradually returning to normal levels of activity. It’s likely that some staff may still be anxious about the current COVID-19 situation. Additionally, the stress of returning to a work environment after an extended period of time at home can be a lot for anyone to face.
However, there are some quick and simple changes that can be made to any office space, to maintain staff morale, and make the transition back to office life as smooth as possible.
Make space for social activities - Social distancing guidelines are likely to remain in place for some time to come. It’s also possible that we may see them come back again for years to come, as the country learns to cope with an evolving healthcare situation.
While the return to work may offer a welcome opportunity for social interaction, the pressure to ensure people are able to stay 2m apart is likely to remain. There are some fantastic office games including table tennis which can offer a relaxing pastime while keeping employees a safe distance apart.
Bring the outdoors into your workspace - During times of stress, feeling connected with nature can be hugely therapeutic. It’s often the case that offices can feel sterile and cold. Bringing plants and natural features into the working environment can, therefore, have many benefits. There are several species of office plants which have been shown to thrive in an indoor environment, including grass, aloe vera, rubber plants and cacti. Studies have shown that these plants are particularly efficient at purifying the air, which makes a calmer and more welcoming environment.
It’s not all about pot plants either. More innovative and creative options like moss walls can help create a refreshing alternative to traditional walls and barriers.
Put safety first - Above all else, there are simple but very reassuring measures that you can take in your office to help people feel protected. We have seen an increased demand for sneeze screens over the past few weeks and although none of us want to return to our workplaces to be greeted by a wall of glass office screens, they have become and will continue to be the norm! So how can office screens help to create a sense of wellbeing? Manifestations applied to screens of course...we can theme, brand and bring the outside in which in turn will promote a sense of wellbeing for the nations Furloughs. Office screens and dividers don’t have to feel cold and uninviting!

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