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Maybe We Don’t All Want to Work From Home

April 25th 2012

The latest OFAS newsletter has produced some surprising results and states that maybe we, as a nation of office workers, prefer to not work from home. The British Council for Offices has provided some interesting results, stating that the majority of employees, 79% in fact, prefer to work in the office at their office desk and not actually at home at all. 1,000 offices workers were asked a number of questions carried out by YouGov and the results found that in fact many of the office workers preferred to come into the office for social reasons.

Being able to meet and converse with fellow colleagues face to face was rated as the top office perk 79% of workers said. This perk was voted above access to technology and company files that was rated at 61% and better computer hardware and software that only 35% felt was a perk. Within the workplace itself, 68% of employees consider that their office workstation, by this we mean their office desk and office chair are vital elements in the workplace design. 67% of these people said that their office space had a positive impact on their productivity. This is proof that office design plays an important role in the productivity in the office. The type of office that you have plays an important role in how your office functions, the happiness of the employees and also the impression you give to visitors and potential clients.

Office furniture is a big part of this and by choosing the right office furniture for your office will help you no end. Spending that little bit of extra money on the right type of office desks or providing ergonomic office chairs for your staff will go a long way in helping to make your business a success.

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