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Meditation in the workplace?

Design, General information October 6th 2017
Meditation in the workplace?

Mindfulness and focus - The practice of mindfulness meditation is designed to bring focus back to the body and breathing pattern to help improve concentration and reduce stress. Taking time in the day to focus on the body and controlling breathing helps to train the mind to focus better and, therefore, reduces levels of stress or anxiety. Training the mind to focus better can be increasingly helpful in a modern society, as rapid developments in technology mean that the average attention span is getting shorter. This practice can feel bonkers to start with and people often ask themselves am I doing this right? is that body scan actually doing anything for me? or how an earth am I supposed to imagine my breath reaching my toes let alone actually see it reaching them! All questions that most of us that meditate have asked but somehow practice and patience results in most of us just getting it at some point. The results can be truly life changing.

Stress is common in any modern workplace and this can have detrimental effects on the wellness of staff and their productivity. Meditation is a tried and tested technique that can reduce stress and it has been around for thousands of years. A simple five or ten minutes a day of meditation can have many great benefits for your staff, and many exercises can be completed wherever your staff are comfortable - and, therefore, should be a consideration in office design.

Benefits of meditation - Simple meditation exercises can have great benefits to your staff and to your business. A large amount of time in the average working day is lost due to stress or general negativity, causing loss of focus.

Meditation is intended to help you relax and train your mind. Regular meditation can help you to identify when the mind first starts to wander, to bring you back to the task at present, leading to better focus in all environments, not just the workplace. This can then help you to concentrate better and engage better with any tasks you carry out.

Stress is a common complaint of workers in all industries and this can have an enormous negative impact on not only your working life, but your personal life as well. Practicing meditation can help to calm the mind and learn how to reduce the power that negative thoughts have over your emotions and actions.

How can workplace meditation be implemented? - Implementing a workplace meditation scheme doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavour. Some offices may find the best starting point is to offer a meditation space, somewhere quiet and comfortable where employees can take the time out. If this isn’t viable in your business, there are many mindfulness exercises that can be completed whilst sitting in your computer chair at the desk. Providing optional guided meditation classes or providing guides and reading material on meditation are both helpful ways to introduce meditation to your staff.

Practicing meditation in the workplace, even just 5 to 10 minutes a day, can really help make a difference to how productive your employees are. Aside from directly increasing productivity and focus, meditation’s ability to reduce stress can also help to reduce the time that staff take off work ill. Whether you employ 10 or 10,000 staff, there are a great many benefits that you can achieve from simply implementing a meditation program.

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