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Mies Van Der Roche

September 13th 2008

Ludwig Mies Van Der Roche (1886-1969) Born in Aachen German Mies as he was commonly called was a German American architect who alongside Le Corbusier became one of Europe’s most influential architects promoting a modernist approach of open space and minimal structures often quoting "less is more" to his colleagues. In Berlin he first began his career at the office of furniture designer Bruno Paul. The pinnacle of Mies success came in 1928 as Director of the German Section of the International Exposition in Barcelona. It is here that we first saw the Barcelona chair which was shown as a single seater version in white leather with the matching footstool it was seen as an icon of modernism and is still faithfully reproduced today. Commonly seen in offices, reception and waiting areas Mies went on to become a director of the famous Bauhaus architectural school although he turned the school into a private one he was unable to protect from the Nazi regime. Frustrated during the war years he moved to Chicago where he designed many office buildings which still stand today. Mies’s last work was back in Berlin, an art museum that became known as his most perfect piece. Please contact our office for further information on the Barcelona office chair

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