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Mobile or Rolling filing systems

November 23rd 2008

Mobile filing systems are a great way to save floor space. Storage cabinets can be placed on a raised platform with inset rails and opened only at the space required. The cabinets can be arranged sideways which is the most common method or alternatively In a "slide aside" system the mobile run of cabinets is placed in front of a static section of cabinets the front row of cabinets is then pushed either left or right to allow access to the back row. Such solutions needn’t be that expensive either since it is sometimes possible to use existing cabinets of the same size, the only outlet is then the base and installation costs. It is also possible to utilise this system with open racking. There are also excellent security benefits with these two filing systems as the whole structure can be locked into place when not in use. Floor loading should also be considered, condensing all of your storage into a more condensed footprint will put a greater strain on the floor, if the installation is planned for the upper floors in an office block we would recommend you consult with a structural engineer. Please contact us for further information on mobile storage systems.

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