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New to 2012 – Luce Chair

April 27th 2012

The way that we work from day to day in our offices has changed, very dramatically. We have gone from working in office cubicles to a more open plan way of working. Of course there are still call centres that require call centre furniture, but it is fair to say that office environments, particularly SMEs are geared towards share workstations and office desks and collaborative work. It is for this reason that the necessity for fully adjustable office furniture is on the rise. Office furniture needs to by dynamic and adapt to the different people that use it day after day.

Ergonomic office furniture has helped to increase productivity and reduce risks of injuries at work, it's a fact. So it is obvious that there is a need for an office chair to perform a multitude of functions whilst still keeping the user comfortable at all times. The Luce chair that is set to be launched at "The Office Exhibition" in Dubai this May, uses computer technology to provide comfort and keeps you in a good posture however you move. The Smart Relaxation Seat incorporates technology that was originally used in the Leopard chair prototype to adjust the seat and back to create an excellent sitting position.

Robot Leg Technology is also used to raise the seat to the optimum height and alleviates the body's impact when sitting on the chair. Designed by Giugiaro Design, this design is simple and light as well as being completely functional like no office chair before it. The chair also features Gradated mesh that actually changes in density due to the fabric's construction to provide firm support whilst still creating a comfortable seat. This type of mesh also provides another function and that is that it is aesthetically pleasing.

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