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Office Acoustics

September 25th 2008

Office Acoustics As we move more and more into open plan offices the acoustic design of the office is more critical than ever. The level of noise that causes stress or distraction is subjective but there are some statistics that would alarm many employers of office staff. Noise affects performance it is believed by up to 20%, this is characterised by errors and a reduction in motivation. Also studied have revealed that a loud office is less likely to attempt to solve specialist or technical issues. Modern hard materials and flat surfaces will absorb less sound and this also has an effect on the office environment. Good design should take account of the nature of the work and arrange that space thoughtfully. If noise is necessary through collaborative activity then there could also be "think tank" or areas for creative or work that requires a greater degree of focus. The considered use of acoustic screens such as Alumini or DoRayMe which are filled with mineral core acoustic material can be of great benefit. Also acoustic wall panels can be fixed to the walls or the backs of cabinets providing a sound absorption surface that will reduce the effect of noise. These panels can be provided with customised designs. Please contact us for further information John Office furniture sales

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