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Office chairs glossary part 2

December 16th 2009

Free Float, Permanent contact mechanism Nearly all chairs will provide this; and it simple means that when the back lock is released the backrest will support your back as you move to an angle greater than 90 degrees. Five star base A minimum requirement for swivel chair is a stable 5 star base, this is a through back to around 25 years ago when some chairs were made with only 4 stars and were prone to topple. Back height adjustment Most office chairs will have a height adjustable back via a ratchet mechanism.

This can usually be operated from the sitting position and allows the user to place the back of the chair fin a position where it will offer the most support I have been selling office chairs for 22 years and have seen many changes, I can see that the office chair has evolved as our workplace has evolved. In my early days when the word workstation was coined, the spend on the desk was around ten times the spend on the chair. Now rightfully we spend more on our chairs. Many of the latest models being produced feature thinner more square shaped backs, this is because we want support to our back and shoulders but as we multi task we want this support and differing angles Mesh back chairs brought on by the Aeron chair have come to the fore, they look cool but more importantly they promote air circulation and as our Summers get hotter so will the heat build up between the users back and the chair and we get sweaty. A good mesh chair will help prevent this.

Our most popular at the time of writing is the Enjoy chair In an effort to offer choice and value at Simply seating we continually refine the chairs we offer both in terms of looks, function and upholstery the price is always important but if you are not buying for yourself or sometimes even if you are then the key is flexibility

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