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Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters

Design January 11th 2022
Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters

Following on from our Formula 1 inspired blog on office chair racing in Japan we have been in touch with Barcelona design firm Bel & Bel who make office chairs out of the front fairings of old Vespa scooters. Pretty cool hey?

The Bel & Bel Studio

Bel & Bel is a studio workshop founded in 2005 by Carles Bel and Jesus Bel. They were united by their love of readapting old iconic objects into new functional pieces such as office chairs, office desks and reception counters. This evolved to creating more customised pieces for their growing client base and these unique pieces can be found in Art and Design Museums, offices and houses throughout the world. They are now a recognised brand associated with high end ‘supra- recycling’.

Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters image 1

The Vespa Chair

The Vespa chair is one of many pieces that best defines Bel and Bel’s work philosophy of recycling with their unconditional love for classic vehicles. The chairs are reinforced and fitted to a reclining, hydraulic wheelbase with soft tread silent wheels and upholstered in faux leather. The fairings (front steering covers) even have working indicators in case you wanted to let your colleagues know if you are turning left or right! The chairs can also be adapted to the taste of each client with a wide range of customisation possibilities from natural or synthetic leather, type of chair base, armrests and even logos that can be applied to the back.

The Sofa 600

Bel & Bel don’t stop at Vespa chairs, they have also created the Sofa 600 which has been built from one of the most iconic vehicles of Spanish history, and the younger sister of the famous Fiat 500.

Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters image 2

The Sofa 600 displays several pieces of the original vehicle. The original bodywork, the two side fins and the complete front of the vehicle, as well as the trunk door, are all part of the finished couch. The SEAT 600 emblems and logos are also original and feature at the front. If you then look around the back of the sofa it has a small trunk where it is possible to mount a minibar or a sound system.

The Car Desk 132

Then there is the Car Desk 132 featuring the original grill and headlights of a SEAT 132, one of the iconic models of the SEAT brand in the 70’s, which was manufactured in Martorell (Barcelona), under the license of its parent company FIAT in Italy.

Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters image 3

The Truck Bar

If you fancy a refreshment, Bel & Bel style then head over to the Truck Bar. Bel & Bel have paid homage to the iconic Volkswagen Bus by creating a bar or reception counter out of the front. The original headlight draws attention, and they house LED lights for more efficiency. The countertop is made with high-quality hardwood and is treated with a layer of epoxy varnish that gives it strength and durability.

Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters image 4

The Monowheel Z-One

In addition, if you want to cut down on your Carbon footprint and save some money on commuting costs, check out Bel and Bels Monowheel Z-One. The Monocycle or unicycle is a single-wheeled vehicle and is one of the most useful modes of transport for city dwellers. Although Monocycle is a relatively modern invention it has been reimagined and reinvented to resemble the old school retro Vespa scooter. Riding one is easier than you may think as the Monocycle is self-balanced allowing the rider to focus on having fun!

Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters image 5

Bel and Bel continue to take beautiful objects that are prematurely unused, conscious that people let go of their belongings long before the end of their usable life. They strongly believe that some of the design lines of the past have the same or more value than the current ones and can always be given a new use in a more artistic and durable new life.

Breathing new life into pieces of our history such as The Vespa and SEAT 600 gives them (and us) an enormous sense of satisfaction. By using the concept of the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) by creative recycling or upcycling we can build a better and more visually interesting future!

Can you think of any unused objects that could be recreated into useful furniture pieces? Or have you already converted, recycled or upcycled anything to furniture in your home or office? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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