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Office Cubicles don’t have to be Boring!

July 20th 2012

You may be very well aware that there has been a shift from the old style office design, for example rows and rows of cubicles to the open plan office layouts. The main reason for this is that companies are moving towards working more communicatively and more creatively together. There are disadvantages to the open plan office design though, the first being that the level of noise in the office can reach higher levels than normal as there are less office screens in the way to deaden the sound. The second is the lack of privacy that an open plan office gives you.

There may be desktop screens that separate the desks but studies have shown that this is not enough for some employees. Office cubicles, usually made up from standard office screens, seem to be making a comeback, but not in the way that you might expect. Designs for cubicle offices have changed dramatically showing that actually there are more interesting office cubicles that provide a pleasurable place to work. Below are a few examples: Selgas Cano Architecture Office Designed by Iwan Baan, these offices are located in beautiful woodland in Madrid. The cubicles have huge windows overlooking the woodland and you cannot help but be inspired by the scenery outside. The roof has been designed to be clear to reduce the amount of usage of electricity on lights making the office more dependent on the surrounding natural light.

Privacy Cubicle

Office Cubicles don't have to be Boring! image 1

This interesting designed cubicle moves away from the traditional modesty panel concept that protects the users privacy. This design seems to do the opposite as the whole of the upper body is encased with a shed style cubicle on legs.

Studio 53 Concept

Office Cubicles don't have to be Boring! image 2

Designed by office furniture giant Steelcase, this concept was originally designed for NeoCon in 2006, however was so successful, visitors were asking to purchase this as is. The concept was made for users to be able to have a relaxed meeting area in a small space within the office.

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