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Nowadays the look and feel of an office is up there in important decisions in most offices. It is not always just about the office furniture, for example the office chairs or the office desks. It can be more about the layout and decor and how to create the right environment for staff, visitors and potential clients. This can involve, especially in this case, architects and project managers choosing a more unorthodox approach to office design.

Often using simplicity to create complex environments, the new Red Bull headquarters is no exception to this. Sid Lee Architecture was the commissioning party behind the offices creation. The building itself was a former shipbuilding factory, with high ceilings and has an 875 metre squared space which gives ample amounts of room. The idea behind this office refurbishment was to create an area that is intent on being "rebellious" and a bit different whilst still maintaining an air of interest and creating an environment that can be considered artistic. The architect in charge of this project from the Montreal based architecture company said "We wanted to create stand-alone architectural pieces that not only represent the site but also express the essence of the Red Bull brand". Originally selling energy drinks Red Bull has grown from beyond the beverage world and into extreme sports creating a brand that was unique.

The offices themselves are located in North Amsterdam in a converted shipbuilding factory that is spread over three bays. The bay to the left is a public space with a cafe and cafe chairs and cafe tables displayed at the front with the other two bays next to them remaining empty and waiting to house offices and workstations. The interior to the Red Bull office can only be described as a unique blend of modern architecture with urban roots. The decor itself has been constructed from black metal and plywood to create rough edged walls and semi open rest areas. The reason for the wood is that it is trying to mimic the role of the buildings previous occupants while still creating character and images such as skateboard ramps that are better known to the brand.

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