Office Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter fast approaching and everyone rushing out to get Easter eggs for their kids and loved ones, what I want to know is where is the adult’s fun?

So I present to you... The Office Easter Egg Hunt...

Think... hiding eggs under the office desks and chairs that you’re forever sitting on, or any other office furniture you can use as a possible hiding place. Maybe you could even play an Easter themed version of 'pub golf' by dropping mini eggs into colleagues' coffee. All just to make the working day a bit more enjoyable.

It could be used as a team bonding event (or that’s how you could pitch it to the boss) to bring the team together. Introduce some competitive spirit by splitting the staff into teams and then watch how the child emerges from each and every one of them in order to battle it out for the tray of chocolates which lie at the end of the rainbow.

Chance for fancy dress maybe????

Have I sown the seed yet? Are you thinking to yourself where do I begin? IF SO, then follow my simple steps and make a start on the preparations for the greatest ever office Easter egg hunt. Now as a digital marketer, my expertise in putting together an Easter Egg hunt game is very limited but I think a good place to start is chocolate eggs.

7 Steps to the perfect office Easter Egg Hunt:

1. Decide on the time and date;

2. Design an Easter egg hunt according to the age group;

3. Choose the hunt location;

4. Set up the boundary;

5. Make a list of all the hiding places;

6. Buy some prizes;

7. Send out a memo to all employees advertising the event.

The event never seems to lose its appeal to the kids. Now it’s our turn!!!

Stick to the 7 simple steps and I’m sure your Easter Egg hunt will be EGGtraordinary.


Good Luck

Posted by: Office Reality

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