Office Furniture for Non-Profit Organisations

It is hard to believe but there are non-profit organisations out there that although do not take any profits from the company, but also don't have enough money to refurbish they're office furniture. Kane Furniture Bank are a charity that allow non-profit companies such as the Montgomery County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness to take office furniture such as office chairs and office desks free of charge to use in their premises. Kane Furniture Bank collects office furniture that was going to be disposed of and once a month allow non-profit to take the furniture and use it in their offices.

Katie Slye-Griffin and her assistant used to walk around their current office and have to make near enough constant repairs to their current office furniture, as the budget for the Montgomery County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness does not allow for the upgrading of office furniture. "You don't know what you're going to get in advance, but chances are you're going to find something that's of use to the organization," stated Katie Slye-Griffin "It's a huge cost savings." Office Movers are the company that founded Kane Furniture Bank in September last year as an environmental and charitable push to help the needs of honourable organisations.

Office Movers fill their 10,000 square foot warehouse every month with office furniture items such as office storage, filing cabinets, office desks and swivel chairs. The company doesn't stop there, they have also rehomed executive furniture such as boardroom tables, executive desks and executive chairs as well to help the growing businesses. Many companies have managed to save large amounts of money on office furniture including The Adoption Together staff. They had their office furniture for 12 years before they visited the Kane Furniture Bank and managed to save themselves more than $5,000. The furniture that they originally had was not in a great state when it was originally donated so Kane Furniture Bank has really given them something to be proud of.

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