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April 16th 2014

A survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management has uncovered the things that office workers hate the most in their colleagues. Here are the top nine most annoying things that colleagues do according to office workers Nationwide:

1. Arrive late for meetings;

2. Leave dirty bowls and plates on their office desk;

3. Gossip about other workers;

4. Discuss confidential work matters openly;

5. Send an email to people who are sat directly opposite;

6. Leave their mobile phone on loud;

7. Take regular cigarette breaks;

8. Come into work sick;

9. Bring their children into the office.

So there we have it, the top 9 most annoying things about your work colleagues. Personally, I think a few have been left out. Here’s a few more I’d add to my list:

10. Continuous tapping on the office desk;

11. Regular weather updates given by a member of staff ‘worried’ about whether they will make it home;

12. Colleagues bringing in a lovely smelling dish for lunch putting my boring ham sandwich to shame;

13. A (lazy) colleague who moves around the office on their chair as oppose to actually getting up and walking;

14. Poor IT skills and the moaners whose computers have ‘broke’ when in fact it is the user who has the problem;

15. Attention seekers who have a conversation with someone for the whole office to hear.

A brief look into what annoys us at work. Next week I’ll have a look into what annoys us at home.

That of course is a joke (my wife reads this and divorce proceedings are expensive!)

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