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Save 16 Days a Year by Not Taking Lunch

Ever since October 2008, with the economic downturn, the stress levels in the office amongst workers has increased. This is had an effect on how they behave in the office with many workers choosing to eat at their desk instead of in the break out areas. Not only this, but research suggests that 60% of workers are not even taking a full hour for their lunch as they say that they feel "guilty" if they take the full hour. A study that was carried out across 1000 people found that 60% of workers ate at their desks every day while two thirds of these take 30 minutes for lunch even though they are allowed to take 6 minutes.

With all of this time saving and eating at their office desks, office employees are working 128 hours extra per year which amounts to 16 extra 8 hour days that employees spend in their office chairs and at their office desk. The down side to this is that with more people spending time at their desks and sitting on office chairs with a bad posture means that there are certain health risks that are becoming more and more apparent. I don't need to keep telling you that our office workforce is suffering more and more due to the longer hours spent working at our computers.

The problem is that now employees are almost scared to leave their desk and move around because they are worried about losing their jobs, and in this economic climate, who can blame them? In order to stay healthy when working long hours, we need to get off our chairs regularly and take short breaks. Exercise is key, as it is important to keep the blood properly flowing round your body to decrease the chance of injury.

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