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Optimising office design for employee wellbeing

General information, Office design January 14th 2019
Optimising office design for employee wellbeing

Office design is important for productivity, creativity and how employees move about the office space. But another huge factor that you need to consider is how office design can also influence office wellbeing. Below we explore the need for privacy, connecting with others, flexibility, comfort and creating equality in your office space.

The need for privacy - The open plan office space can pose a problem when it comes to creating a private workspace. This may be needed for sensitive phone calls or when working on a problem where solitude is required. This is when office pods and screens can be incorporated into the space to create private working areas, as and when needed.

Flexibility in the office - Flexibility is important not just in terms of working hours but also where to conduct work in the office, for example at a communal table, breakout area or pod. This type of flexibility and fluidity in the office will increase productivity and working speed but will also increase wellbeing as there is choice connected to the working environment.


Everyone is equal - Creating that sense of equality in the office space is vital for improving employee wellbeing. This can be achieved with the open plan office with desks and seating areas that can be used by any member of staff. This means that junior and senior staff members can work together in the same space, breaking down barriers and helping to create a healthy working environment.

Connect with others - Flexibility and equality are directly related to connecting with others, even when working in personal spaces. Connectivity can be easily achieved via designated seating areas, and in designing an office space that flows between departments. Introducing a neutral colour scheme and reoccurring accessories such as plants and reading areas can help to improve connectivity, making employees feel part of the bigger team.

A comfortable working environment - The modern office space needs to be comfortable to create that wonderful sense of wellbeing. Introduce natural lighting, green spaces, plants and natural materials. Office seating needs to be comfortable and adaptable for every individual. The staff room needs to be inviting with the ability to make a quick snack and enjoy a hot drink. If employees feel rested, needed and comfortable, then they'll be happy and productive.

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