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Pluto-A More Funky Cable Management System

September 26th 2012

The way that office workers work today has changed a lot in recent years, with the increase in the sophistication of technology. It was not that long ago that office workers were confined to cubicles with just an office desk, office chair and telephone.

Nowadays it seems that every desk has a computer and the way offices are laid out, has changed to. We seem to have migrated to a more open plan style office set up for a more collaborative way of working. Not only this but hot desking has become more popular, with more and more people being able to work from home or even anywhere that there is an internet connection. Working preferences have become more and more informal and now there is a power module that can satisfy these informal working environments. With studies showing that people work more productively, efficiently and effectively in small groups and that Pluto caters to that need.

The Pluto contains 3 outlet positions and is perfect for a small group of people to power/charge their devices. Most cable management systems have the capacity for data, mains plugs and USB, but the Pluto has contains the most compact Twin USB Fast Charger on the market. This facility means that it can fast charge tablets and mobile phones of all types quickly and efficiently making this cable management system perfect for use in public spaces. With most cafes, pubs and even some restaurants offering free WiFi, people can use their laptops, smart phones and tablets freely, and keep them charged using this small compact cable management module.

The Pluto is to be made in a wide range of different materials and can not only be mounted on a desk through a cable port but also mounted on a free standing column. The Pluto is going to be manufactured in December and we may find them popping up in cafes and bars as well as offices and public spaces in the not so distant future.

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