Portable Office Furniture... In a Briefcase?

The times have changed since the first office days. We may have changed the technology that we use and even adapted our working lives in order to make full use of it. The invention of laptops and the use of Wi-Fi in various establishments including cafes and bars, mean that you can work at these various locations as well.

Smart phones then became another tool to add to the belt of the telecommuter, with emails being sent on buses, trains, even in the street as remote internet became the norm. There will always be people that need a desk or some kind of table in order to work properly, even though they have a smart phone. There is however a solution for these people and that is “Boxed”.

Boxed is a prototype invention that enables workers on the go to carry a desk, stool and lamp, in a briefcase and can erect easily almost anywhere.

Constructed almost entirely of wood, the leg poles are of all the same size, width and length and can be used on the stool, the lamp stem or the table, to eliminate confusion and just screw into place.

Another reason for the invention is the lack of space not only in the work place but in our homes as well. Boxed can be packed away in the corner when not in use and put together in a matter of minutes to create an adequate temporary work area in the home.

This range has not been put into mass production, and we are unsure as to whether these ever will be, but the design itself shows the way in which we are headed and that is for, not just foldaway tables and chairs but portable office furniture, to use whenever we wish.

Posted by: Office Reality

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