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Rainbows In The Office

Design, General, Office design October 16th 2015

The use of colour is becoming an increasingly important factor when designing an office space. There are several psychological influences that colours may have on employees and this may reflect their performance. Having become increasingly interested in the effects that the use of colour may have on team members in the office, in this blog I have decided to look into the impact that our office colour scheme may have on ourselves here at Office Reality. I am just curious as to whether our work may be impacted by the colours that we are surrounded by… Or the plain fact that we are just that good!

Starting upstairs, the office designer has cleverly used the idea of a “fish bowl”, well, that’s what we have nicknamed our upstairs! Making use of glass and shades of blue, our talented project manager and Accounts Team work here in harmony… But is it the glass and blue shades that are achieving this serenity? According to a few sources, yes! In an article that I have found, on the A Life of Productivity website, the colour psychologist Angela Wright explains her belief that:

“If you need to stimulate your mind, then yes, blue would likely make you the most productive. If you’re an accountant, blue probably would make you more productive”

Rainbows In The Office image 1

Seeing as the Accounts team works upstairs, the choice of blue is ideal. Bonus point for the designer! There is also a purple feature wall in the same room. I am a huge fan of the colour purple, and it goes brilliantly with the shades of blue, but what impact would this wall have on the team? Looking through various articles, the colour purple has an impact on the team in a “spiritual” way, creating calm and ease, which is probably the reason for the relaxed, serene environment they seem to have up there! Although there are also mentions about the colour representing royalty and superiority… Not going to read into a hierarchy system between upstairs and downstairs though, might have to leave that for the next blog!

Rainbows In The Office image 2

Moving along swiftly from the chilled out, cool and productive environment that is upstairs (not going to lie, cannot move away from the royal purple, going to have to question this), we find ourselves downstairs. Here at Office Reality, the theme that has been used is an “Urban” setting. Basing the theme on a busy environment, sales and customer service is all based down here. Well, I am assuming this was the idea! Once referred to as “Like a scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street”, the atmosphere down here is quite different, being more fast paced and busy. So looking at the colour scheme down here I am wondering what effect green and shades of red might have on the front line team.

According to studies, green has the following psychological effect:

“Calming influence suggesting security and growth, representing money”

Rainbows In The Office image 3

Green appears to be a good colour to be used in an environment that is busy and where money is exchanged. Perfect for a Sales Department! Honestly, my colleague who was in charge of the office design was clearly on a roll. Going to have to suggest a bonus chart system! So what impact does the shades of red have on us “soldiers in the battlefield”? One study, written by Jim Fidler for an article found on Spectrum Workplace has suggested the following:

“Red boosts energy levels in office workers. It can also encourage healthy debate and discussion”

I promise you that I am not trying to make the colours fit into their environment! Despite me thinking that it was my beautiful skill at coffee making that was boosting the energy levels, the shades of red do seem to be relevant to what the study suggests. The team downstairs does seem to find time to have a good discussion, putting the World to rights! Never a dull moment!

The colours and themes used in the office seem to have the right impact psychologically on the teams here. Couldn’t tell you if this was actually the idea that my colleague had when she designed the office fit-out, but good work! Just going to have to ignore that I am clashing just a little bit with the colour scheme, wearing my orange Converse. But hey, nothing wrong with a bit of colour in the office!?

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