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Rennovating a Dental Practice Reception

June 11th 2015

Waiting is no fun, whether you’re waiting for yourself or waiting for your favourite TV show to start, waiting isn’t always possible to avoid. Dental appointments often take longer than anticipated. To make matters worse, many patients feel anxious about visiting their local dental practice. It isn’t just the prospect of pain that worries them, but also that treatment might be costly. The longer patients wait in an uncomfortable setting, the more stressed they become. In today’s article, I will be looking at ways to combat that anxiety by creating an alluring, more welcoming dental waiting room.

After researching multiple dental surveys I finally came across some data which concurs with the above. In a study carried out by the HSCIC (Health & Social Care Information Centre) – 15% of visitors say they get extremely anxious before visiting their dentist, with 35% of the people surveyed saying they get fairly/slightly anxious.

The waiting room (as the name implies) is where patients spend much of their time. It’s also their first impression of the practice. How the dental practice waiting room looks and more importantly feels can help win the trust of patients instantaneously, and can create a more positive customer experience.

People Have Choice!!!!

These days, clients have more choice than ever, as competition heats up and they’re flooded with ads and marketing from other dentists who are competing with you for their attention and for their choice.

Wall murals, fish (my personal favourite) flowers, and background music are just a few things that can create a more inviting dental waiting room. The décor and furniture is where the client’s first impression is won and lost, because one of your main goals is to relieve patients` feelings of tension or fear. Ensure you lean toward colours that soothe, rather than those that excite. Generally, neutral, cool colours transmit a feeling of comfort and control. That`s why so many medical offices decorate in beige, blue or brown.

At Office Reality we firmly believe that a well-designed practice can often be directly linked to an increase in overall business performance. This is why, from the early stages of the design, we take the time to understand the needs of the dentist, surgery staff and clients, and work closely in finding the best solution for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current dental facilities or move to new premises we have a solution for you. Our highly trained design team will analyse your practice to see how you work and how the practice could be better suited to your daily tasks and procedures. We will then come back to you with a 3D design concept. Our experienced designers are experts in creating visualised 3D renderings of interiors, helping you envisage how the environment will actually look upon completion and the space at your disposal.

Do you have a project in mind, but are finding it difficult where to start? Why not call us for a no obligation consultation.

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