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Robotic office chairs from Japan

November 5th 2008

Robotic Technology and Office Chairs Collaboration between and a leading Japanese office furniture Company Okamura Corporation and robotic Company OKI Electronics is to bring about the first office chair with incorporated robotic technology. Application of the robotic leg technology of OKI which mimics a human leg when jumping and landing has been incorporated into a prototype. Significantly the seat will replicate the movement of the upper leg and the back of the chair will operate as the torso. When the user leaves the chair the chair will rise automatically to assist this movement to a natural standing position. When not in use the chair will have a sight forward tilt in a half sitting position in anticipation of use. The seat and the back will fit the user perfectly in the upright and reclining positions. This new model will be available in 2009 Please contact us for further information

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