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Samsung SUR40 – Microsoft Surface 2.0 Desk

January 25th 2012

Office desks have always been the same for countless decades. The desks, whether they be corner desks or rectangular desks are usually finished in a laminate or veneer wooden desktop. With the advancements in technology and having a multitouch table top computer as a desk was a thing that was only in science fiction films and novels however Samsung have created a table that does just that. The Samsung SUR40 table that was unveiled during the last 2 CES conventions proves to be a product of the future. The table top features a massive 40 inch 1080p LCD screen that features full HD display and is protected by the world's largest piece of Gorilla Glass that provides full protection for the computer that it houses.

The desk runs Microsoft's second generation platform that has been named the surface 2.0 and has PixelSense touch screen technology that will make Apples iPad look like a mere toy in comparison. The SUR40 can be used as a desk that can easily fit an ergonomic office chair underneath or it can be mounted on the wall for use in presentations and boardroom meetings. The wall mountable function is a new feature as the table no longer uses cameras hidden under the table to recognise finger touches. Instead PixelSense allows 50 simultaneous touch points on the surface.

The computer itself is powered by an AMD-based Windows 7 technology that uses a Microsoft Surface 2 platform. The table itself does not come cheap. The price for the desktop only is $8,400 ('£5401) or if you require the stand that will enable it to be used as a desk then that will set you back $9,049 (£5817.65) So not a desk for those looking for economy office furniture.

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