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Saving Space and Money for Your Company

November 5th 2011

There are many ways to save money for your business from finding a cheaper ISP and phone service to buying recycled ink cartridges. However within the realms of office furniture there are ways that you can a lot save money by just reconfiguring your office. Listed are three ways in which you can do so.

Firstly think about the rooms you are using and if you are getting the most out of them. A typical example of this is a boardroom. If you are just using the room to have meetings around a large modular table why not think about replacing the large table with smaller meeting room tables?

With meeting room tables you can arrange them in different combinations and to suit the purpose of the room. You can arrange the tables in a U shape for presentations however for board meetings you can push the tables together to create a large table. You can have meeting tables on castors for easy mobility and also they are available in various folding options for easy and efficient storage without compromising the table's aesthetics. Unfortunately in many instances you will have to spend money in the short term in order to save money in the long term.

Making your office open plan is a great way to save on space. Why not try to incorporate bench systems instead of singular desking. Bench systems are becoming more and more popular, look modern and save much needed space. Why not plan to buy new office furniture? I know this might sound absolutely absurd, as office desks and office chairs are hardly the cheapest of objects, but if you invest in quality furniture, it will last longer, boost morale among staff and also give a great professional first impression to potential clients.

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