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Secure the Deal with Comfortable Office Furniture

March 30th 2012

It is often said that business deals are often sealed over a relaxing lunch or a meal in a restaurant. Creating a relaxing environment for the potential client is often key to securing a business deal. There are a few ways of setting the right mood, including alcohol, but more and more managers and executives are choosing to discard there executive furniture such as visitor chairs and executive chairs and are replacing them with comfortable furniture such as office sofas that would not look out of place in your own living room. It has been common practice within business deals to take the potential customer to dinner and give them a glass of wine or pint to further relax them.

This is one way of relaxing your client and helping them to talk more openly and freely, however more and more managers are finding success in turning their office into a more domestic comfortable environment. When converting your office or meeting room in this way, there are a few things that you should consider beforehand. In a normal office standard executive desks or office desks form a barrier between each of you so one of the first things that you should do is to conduct your meeting in an area that perhaps is only separated by a coffee table or perhaps not even anything at all.

Having a choice of seats rather than designating a specific seat can make a surprising difference , however then make sure that you sit opposite to help to fully engage with the customer, client or visitor. Generally people are going to feel more relaxed in a homely environment and are more likely to speak to you on a more personal level. If you think about psychiatrists meeting room, there is a reason why they make the whole area more comfortable.

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