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Self-parking office chairs – Seriously?

General information April 15th 2019
Self-parking office chairs - Seriously?
The use of technology and AI in modern vehicles has made them safer and easier to use, helping people across the world get the most from their car. But it seems there’s more than one use for Nissan’s Parking Assist Technology - they’ve started using it in office chairs as well.
Hacking everyday objects - Nissan describes their mission as ‘enriching people’s lives through technology’, and it was through working with TBWAHAKUHODO that they began hacking everyday objects using the car manufacturer's technology. It was this that led to the creation of self-building chairs, and as AI and other smart technology advances in leaps and bounds year on year, it is highly likely office chairs will not be the last innovation of their kind.
An organised room is an organised mind - There’s nothing more stress-inducing than an untidy office, especially when the office is where most of our daily stress comes from anyway. If you find yourself infuriated by operator chairs strewn across the room, then Nissan have developed the perfect workspace innovation. Their ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’, as unveiled in Japan, makes use of the car manufacturer's Intelligent Parking Assist Technology to keep each chair in its rightful place.
Wireless technology - By using a 360-degree motorised rolling system and four ceiling cameras that generate a ‘birds eye view’ of the room, each chair wirelessly transmits its location and routes a journey back to the designated spot. By doing so, the chairs keep the office neat, tidy, and clutter free without employees using their time to pursue the never-ending task of moving chairs back under their office desks.
AI in everyday life - Originally adapted for Nissan vehicles, the Intelligent Parking Chair is just one demonstration of how AI can be used not just in cars, phones, or computers but in everyday life as well. By normalising the use of this technology through lighthearted innovations like this, Nissan shows that there is still plenty of room for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to modern life. It’s a near certainty that, in the not so distant future, technology will continue to birth creations like the Intelligent Parking Chair, making our lives easier and simpler as well as tidier!

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