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Simple filing systems

October 9th 2008

Simple Filing Systems Traditionally in the UK we can split types of filing into three very simple systems and this seems to cope with the huge amount of files that we tend to create Shelf filing Files sit on the shelf in a cabinet more often than not in A4 or foolscap lever arch binders and lever arch files. If the files are unable to sit on the shelf then we recommend a slotted shelf with dividers for other files a simple plain wooden or metal shelf is sufficient. Vertical or Suspended filing These are the files that are used in a filing cabinet and can be A4 or Foolscap, they are also suspended on pull out filing frames within tambour cupboards. Most good filing cabinets and pull out frames will support both A4 and foolscap although you should always ask the question before making a purchase Lateral filing In the UK this is filing where the papers are filed sideways on, often with a manilla inner file leaving the lateral file holder in a permanent position. These files hang off a lateral filing frame or cradle, or from a lateral shelf. Confusion arises over US terminology for a lateral filing cabinet which we sometimes call a side filer which houses vertical files. Confused? Come back for a further analysis of these three filing systems.

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