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Sit-stand desks - should you invest?

In recent years, sit-stand desks have been hailed as the solution to everything from ill-health to a lack of productivity. The theory goes that by standing at your workspace, rather than sitting, there is a wide range of benefits to be had. From reducing joint and muscle pain through to better posture, reduced risk of obesity, better concentration and increased output, the reported benefits of standing to work are numerous. That said, not everyone is enthusiastic about sit-stand desks: from workers who prefer to remain seated through to workers who physically can't stand for protracted periods of time, there may be some members of the workforce who aren't best suited to a standing work environment. Here we take a look at how sit-stand desks actually offer a versatile surface that's suitable for every member of the workforce.
Variable surface heights encourage ergonomic working - The main benefit of a sit-stand desk, as the name suggests, is the variable height of the work surface. With movement often achieved easily and accurately using electric controls, it's possible to quickly adjust the desk to a comfortable height. Whether you choose to sit or stand, having a surface that's at the right height for smooth, efficient working is vital. Not only is a variable height desk great for workers who wish to stand, it's also fantastic for people of differing heights, wheelchair users and those who work best when the desk is tilted at an angle.
Sit-stand desks are enormously versatile - Particularly in a small office where space is at a premium, a sit-stand desk gives employees the flexibility to use one surface for a range of different functions. From collating documents in a standing position through to mounting AV equipment, using a laptop, reading notes at a presentation or enabling coffee cups to be at a convenient height, a sit-stand desk can fulfil all these functions wonderfully well.
Well-made, durable office furniture additions - Sit-stand desks are almost invariably made to an exceptionally high standard. Not only do they look good in almost any environment, but they're also built to last, usually delivering an excellent return on investment.
If you're considering a long-term investment in your workplace and are eager to support a diverse workforce adequately, purchasing a sit-stand desk or two is an excellent idea. Take a look at our selection now to find out more about the range of variable height surfaces which are available.

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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